Johnston & Jeff African Grey Parrot Food Low Sunflower – 2kg

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Product Description

A low-fat, highly nutritious mix with only 5% sunflower.

Help your bird reduce their daily fat intake. The rich variety of ingredients provides a mix full of different tastes and texture for an interesting meal every time.

  • Blend of 24 ingredients
  • Specially formulated for smaller beaked Parrots
  • Blend has been developed and tested
  • Suitable for African Grey, Amazon, Cockatoo and more

Add even more interest for your bird and put part or all of each meal inside foraging devices to encourage movement and exercise, as well as providing essential mental stimulation.

This meticulously crafted 24-ingredient mix is a must for African Grey owners. It’s a low-fat, high-nutrition option specially formulated for the unique needs of smaller-beaked birds, making it an ideal African Grey food. What’s remarkable is that it contains only 5% sunflower seeds, minimizing fat intake while still providing the variety your bird craves. This African Grey diet has been thoroughly developed and tested, ensuring suitability not just for African Greys but also for Amazons, Cockatoos, and other similar parrots.

The blend is made with wholesome grains like oats, buckwheat, and various types of dari, as well as seeds such as hemp and pumpkin, which are essential for a balanced diet. It doesn’t stop at seeds and grains – the mix is peppered with dried fruits like papaya, banana, and pineapple, which add a natural sweetness and variety, making it a delicious African Grey diet that’s eagerly anticipated at meal times. Plus, the addition of nuts like Brazil and walnuts introduces healthy fats and proteins, crucial for maintaining a healthy body. 


  • 5% White Sunflower, Safflower, Oats, Red Dari, White Dari, Hemp, Buckwheat, Wheat, Paddy Rice, Pumpkin Seed, Flaked Peas, Flaked Maize, Puffed Maize, Puffed Wheat, Papaya, Banana, Pineapple, Apricot, Coconut, Brazil Nut Kernels, Walnut Halves, Peanuts, Pine Nuts, Chillies.



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