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Fun Learning with the ABC Parrot Rattle Foot Parrot Toy

The ABC Parrot Rattle Foot Parrot Toy is a versatile and educational addition to your parrot’s playtime.

  • Educational Entertainment: The ABC Parrot Rattle Foot Toy is an engaging educational tool for your beloved Parrot.
  • Auditory Stimulation: Your Parrot will be delighted by the plastic square hoops that slide up and down the bar, creating a delightful rattling noise as they play.
  • Training Aid: The large ABC Parrot Rattle Foot Toy is a fantastic way to introduce your Parrot to the basics of trick training. This toy encourages mental agility, problem-solving, and dexterity, making it a versatile tool for both entertainment and skill development.
  • High-Quality Construction: Crafted with care, this Parrot Toy is designed to withstand your Parrot’s playful attitude. Its durable build ensures it can handle hours of enthusiastic play and exploration.

Make learning an enjoyable adventure for your Parrot with the ABC Parrot Rattle Foot Toy. This entertaining and educational Parrot Toy is perfect for teaching your feathered friend essential skills while keeping them thoroughly engaged. Designed to introduce your feathered friend to the world of learning, it features a large wood ABC block at each end. Some sides boast intricately carved letters, coloured to pique your Parrot’s interest, while others display numbers or pictures.

Your Parrot will love discovering the world of letters, numbers, and pictures as they manipulate the intricately carved blocks. The rattling noise created by the sliding pieces adds an extra layer of excitement, encouraging your Parrot’s curiosity and problem-solving abilities.

This Parrot Toy also opens the door to trick training, promoting mental agility and dexterity. It’s a versatile accessory that contributes to your Parrot’s overall development and well-being.


  • Length: 13cm (5.11”)
  • Width: 3cm (1.18”)
  • Depth: 3cm (1.18”


  • Wood, Plastic.


  • Weight: 0.08 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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