ABC Jumble Stacks Hanging Parrot Toy (20 in Stock)

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Product Description

Hanging Parrot toy with cotton legs stacked full of chewable wooden blocks.

With two of the most popular Parrot chewing materials, the Jumble Stacks hanging Parrot toy is designed to entertain your bird.

Wooden slats, beads and ABC blocks are great for chewers, offering a range of colours, shapes and sizes for your Parrot to get its beak into. You can thread more pieces of wood or even leather to refill the stacks, so your Parrot can start all over again! Fun they just love!

When your bird isn`t in the mood for chewing, hidden behind the wooden shapes they will find soft cotton rope, perfect for preening on.


  • Length: 30cm (12″)


  • Wood, Cotton, Metal


  • Weight: 0.29 kg
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