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In this page we share the feedback send to us directly by our customers and their companion parrots. Would you like to share your? Send us an email by clicking here.

1 Feb 2018

Arcadia Lights for Parrots & Birds
“Dear Anguel

Arcadia Bird lamp arrived today. I set it up tonight and it is excellent.

Thank you for all your help.

Kindest regards”
Lynda A Hogg
Arcadia Compact UV Deluxe Bird Lighting Kit – Lamp & Holder

31 Jan 2018
Lafeber Nutri-Berries El Paso
“Loving  the Pepper Lafeber Nutri-Berries.”

Sarah Phillips
Lafeber NutriBerries El Paso Complete Parrot Food

27 Jan 2018

Parrot Essentials Testimonial by Emma
“Thank you goods. Arrived today (super speedy). Thank you for samples.”
Parrot Delicatessen – Fruit & Veg Treat Mixture 300g


22 Jan 2018
Woven Wonders Climbing Net Parrot Toy
“Re: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ How many stars would you give www.parrotessentials.co.uk?
5 stars for Parrot Essentials. Toys are innovative with plenty of choice for my 16 year old African Grey. Plastic is of no interest but she loves chewing, tearing up and preening. The freebee treats are enjoyed. Orders are delivered quickly and are well wrapped.”
Alison Thompson
Woven Wonders Climbing Net Parrot Toy

17 Jan 2018
Arcadia Avian Parrot & Bird Lighting Kit
“Hi Anguel
parrot essentials is my new favourite store i will be sure to tell all my parrot owning friends of your excellent customer service and fantastic value for money i will be ordering some foraging toys for my plucker baby and fingers crossed i can order a new cage of yourselves also,
thank you so much”
Yours Thankfully

Arcadia Avian Parrot & Bird Lighting Kit

4 July 2017
Ellie Amazon Parrot
“👍Ellie says thank you🌻”
Rainbow Wooden Parrot Ladder Toy Large


27 June 2017

Tabletop Parrot Stand with Toy Hanger & Feeder - Coppertone
“Yuna loves her new tabletop parrot stands. Thank you very much.”
Tabletop Parrot Stand with Toy Hanger & Feeder – Coppertone

27 June 2017

Replacement Vision corner Clips for Large Vision Cages - 4 pack
“Hi Anguel
The clips have just arrived, a perfect fit.
Thank you for your help
Great service and wonderful customer care
Very Kind Regards”
Replacement Vision corner Clips for Large Vision Cages – 4 pack

27 April 2017
Pak-o-Bird Parrot Backpack Carrier - X-Small
“c/o ‘Tilly’ inspecting her new ‘back-pack’ travel carrier! Though am afraid, not good photos, Tilly was very intrigued by it all + made herself at home!  Thank-you for email and for the little toy parrot present for  Tilly, which I have placed in her cage! The back-pack is wonderful idea, and though think that the food bowls are not well thought out, misplaced, it will be fun to take Tils ‘out ‘n about’ on her travels! Thank-you all again for your very quick response + good service, and, perhaps see you all at the ‘June 11th’ ‘Think Parrots Show’! ”
Averil c/o Tilly
Pak-o-Bird Parrot Backpack Carrier – X-Small

30 April 2017
Jungle Wood & Rope Ladder Parrot Toy
“Chiku loves her new rope ladder as you can see…..”
Jungle Wood & Rope Ladder Parrot Toy



20 April 2017
Challenge Ladder Activity Parrot Toy - Small“Dear Ben,

I have ordered a small ladder for our parakeets on Tuesday evening.
I have received the ladder which is of a great quality and as a surprise on top of it a sample of mixed seeds.

It is not the seeds that made difference in your costumer service but the hand written thank you note attached to it.

Thank you very much!

Wishing you all the best and many happy customers.

Kind regards, ”
Challenge Ladder Activity Parrot Toy – Small

9 April 2017
Aviator Parrot Harness“Princess took to the Aviator Parrot Harness from the first time we tried and now she comes everywhere with us.”
Keith – Princess (the cockatiel)
Aviator Parrot Harnesses for all parrot sizes



13 Feb 2017
“I just got my order today (a less mess feeder large and a parrot stand). My Senegal parrot already enjoys the feeder a lot, he spent all of his day in there eating, lol!”
Dragon (Senegal Parrot) & GIGI PAPA
Parrot Food Mate – Acrylic Less Mess Feeder – Large

Kracker on a perch14 Dec 2016
“Vessey Highly delighted with my new perch and thanks for the seed if I ever need anything else I shall get a member of my staff to contact you.”
Best Wishes Kracker
Zoo Max Shower & Window Parrot Perch Medium

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