What is Pet Remedy, and how does it work?

Introducing Pet Remedy for Parrots and Birds, an innovative calming solution designed to alleviate your pet’s anxiety and assist them in tackling their everyday hurdles with ease.

Pet birds, just like any other pets, can experience stress and anxiety due to various triggers such as separation, loud noises, visits to the vet, the arrival of a new pet, or changes in their environment. Recognising the signs of stress in your feathered friends, such as behaviour changes, excessive screaming, feather plucking, or a loss of appetite, is essential for their well-being.

That’s where Pet Remedy products come into play. They are designed to provide natural and effective solutions to help calm your pet birds.

About Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy has a unique approach to pet relaxation. Working with the natural calming mechanisms that exist in birds and other animals. It does this by mimicking GABA (gamma amino butyric acid), a natural calming agent present in birds. So, when your pet bird starts feeling stressed or anxious, Pet Remedy’s unique blend of ingredients goes to work, convincing those excited nerve cells to calm down. This speedy action makes it an ideal solution for calming your feathered friends.

The primary ingredient in Pet Remedy’s formula is Valerian oil from Eastern Europe. What makes this Valerian oil unique is that it comes from Valeriana officinalis, a specific species with low concentration. This means that it won’t sedate your pet birds but instead offers a gentle and calming effect on their metabolism. The process of extracting Valerian absolute oil from the plant’s rhizomes using a cold extraction process. It has a proven track record as a safe and effective calming agent.

Parrot Essentials About Pet Remedy Calming Solutions

Pet Remedy also includes small amounts of other essential oils in its formula, such as:

  • Vetiver: Vetiver is an aromatic grass with calming properties. Its essential oil is extracted through steam distillation from the roots. It contains compounds like benzoic acid, vetiverol, and furfurol, which all contribute to its calming effects. Pet Remedy sources Vetiver from Haiti and Java.
  • Sweet Basil: Sweet Basil has a calming effect, and its essential oils are extracted through steam distillation.
  • Clary Sage: Its essential oil is obtained through steam distillation of the buds and leaves. The oil is rich in esters, sesquiterpenes, di-terpenes, and monoterpenes.

Pet Remedy Parrot Calming Kit

The Plug Diffuser is a valuable tool for creating a serene environment for your pet birds. This device kicks into action within minutes, promoting a sense of calm without inducing sedation. It lasts for up to 60 days. While consuming only 5 watts of energy, which is both eco-friendly and cost-efficient. With a wide coverage area of up to 60m2 or 650 sq ft, it suits larger rooms well. A refill bottle is also available for purchase separately. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set and use the diffuser:

  1. Remove the cap and screw the bottle tightly into the plug diffuser. Where possible, select a low-level socket and leave it permanently switched on. See precautions on the base of the box.
  2. Locate where the pet spends the most time and let the de-stress & calming properties slowly release into the surrounding area.
  3. To avoid de-naturing the unique blend of oils, Pet Remedy plug diffusers operate at just 85°C. Most other diffusers operate at a much higher temperature of around 135°C. For this reason, you must never use Pet Remedy refills in other diffusers.
  4. We recommend the plug diffuser be replaced every 4 refills. If kept clean and free from dust, the diffuser will last longer.

Pet Remedy Calming Spray

Pet Remedy’s Calming Spray offers an effective means to alleviate stress and anxiety in your pet birds. This 200ml spray, equipped with a convenient trigger mechanism, clinically proves its rapid action in promoting relaxation. The calming spray comes in two different sizes – 200ml and 15ml. The 15ml is refillable from the big bottle and is great to take with you when travelling or visiting the vet.

The formulation is water-based and pH-neutral, making the spray safe for skin use. Furthermore, you can use this versatile spray alongside the Pet Remedy plug-in diffuser to create a comprehensive calming solution. Developed and manufactured in England, this product upholds high-quality standards, ensuring the well-being of your pets.

Avoid spraying directly on birds as they have a small lung capacity. It is best to spray a little on a cloth and then place it near or inside the travel cage. When handling nervous/stressed birds, you can spray a little on your wrist, or if using a towel, you can spray it directly on the fabric.

How can pet remedy help you handle your pet bird?

How Can Pet Remedy Help You Handle Your Bird

The Pet Remedy Plug Diffuser is a convenient and efficient way to create and maintain a calming atmosphere for your pet birds at home. It starts to help within minutes. For optimal results, leave it switched on in the area where your birds spend the most time.

The design of Pet Remedy products helps your pet birds become more attentive and receptive. This makes them ideal for training and confidence building. By understanding the stress triggers and using these products, you can provide a calm and comfortable environment for your feathered companions, ensuring their happiness and well-being.

It’s crucial to understand that the calming agents in these products are effective in soothing birds when external factors are causing distress. They may not address underlying behavioural issues in birds, such as excessive screaming, biting or feather plucking. However, Pet Remedy will help by keeping your feather friend calmer and allowing you to address any unwanted behaviour with less stress for you or your pet.

If there are no external stressors and your parrot is calm, the essential oils won’t induce further calmness.

The unique pet remedy blend comes in handy when your parrot or pet bird is feeling stressed or anxious. For example, when moving or when there is a change in their environment, like a new family member or pet. It is great for introducing two parrots. The blend of essential oils helps soothe the nerves of both birds. That makes it easier for them to get used to each other.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Should I be concerned about the safety of using Pet Remedy to help improve the well-being of my companion birds?

A: Compared to humans, cats, dogs and rabbits, there are very few studies on the therapeutic effects of natural herbal plants in companion bird species. However, a handful of studies in commercial chickens show positive results for three of the four active ingredients of Pet Remedy (valerian, basil, and clary sage). Pet Remedy also have independent clinical studies underway for birds and reptiles at several UK universities.

Q: Should I be concerned about the safety of my Pet Remedy plug diffuser or calming spray being used in rooms where my birds live?

A: Your birds’ safety is paramount. Pet Remedy products deliver a fine aerosol. The sensitive olfactory system of birds can recognise the individual molecules of the active ingredients in Pet Remedy. These molecules attach to scent receptors, sending signals to the part of the brain linked to emotions. This process is safe for your birds.

Q: What excipient, or ‘carrier,’ does the Pet Remedy diffuser use to deliver the aerosol into the environment?

A: The excipient used in the Pet Remedy diffuser is called DPG. It’s a safe, odourless solvent used in diffusers and aerosol products for humans and animals for many years.

Q: Does the size of my pet bird matter when using Pet Remedy products?

A: Different species of animals have varying energy requirements. While birds have higher metabolic rates than mammals, the size of the bird primarily influences lung capacity. In essence, smaller birds have smaller lungs because they need less energy generation than larger birds. Importantly, size doesn’t affect the delicacy or susceptibility of lung tissues to damage. Your pet birds are safe.

Questions and Answers about Pet Remedy


Pet birds bring joy to our lives, but they, too, can experience stress and anxiety from various triggers like separation, loud noises, or changes in their environment. That’s where Pet Remedy products come to the rescue. Pet Remedy offers an effective and gentle solution to calm your pet birds. From the Valerian-based formula to the inclusion of essential oils like Vetiver, Sweet Basil, and Clary Sage, Pet Remedy products provide a soothing touch that helps your birds adjust to changes and challenges.

Whether you choose the Pet Remedy Plug Diffuser or the Calming Spray, you can create a serene environment for your pet birds. These products are safe, effective, and easy to use. And remember, while Pet Remedy excels at calming your birds during stressful situations, it may not address underlying behavioural issues in the absence of external stressors. By understanding these distinctions and utilizing Pet Remedy, you can provide a calm and comfortable environment for your feathered companions, ensuring their happiness and well-being. Your pet birds deserve nothing but the best, and we are here to help them find their peace and quiet.

To see other tips on Parrot Care, visit our dedicated second on welfare of companion parrots.

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