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Healthy Tweeter’s Parrot Treats Brand

Tweeter's Parrot TreatsTweeter’s Treats offers a wide range of tasty, nutritional, delicious and healthy budgie, cockatiel, parakeet and parrot treat for your bird to enjoy. These bird treats have a selection of hanging seed stick treats made with a variety of ingredients and specifically tailored for a variety of parrot species; such as budgies, cockatiels, medium and large parrots.

Tweeter’s Parrot Treats comes in many flavours in a single box with two treat sticks which can be served in individual portions as a treat or can be used as part of a balanced parrot diet. Hang the seed sticks inside the cage or play stand using the built-in hook to provide enrichment and foraging opportunities to your pet.

Tweeter's Parrot Treats HoneyTweeter's Parrot Treats FruityTweeter's Parrot Treats Berry


What makes Tweeter’s Treats desirable to parrot owners? These bird treats are baked and prepared crumble-free, ensuring minimum waste and mess. Less waste means a longer-lasting treat for your bird and a happy parrot owner!

But just because there’s no mess, doesn’t mean there’s no fun! These treats are not only delicious but can be a huge enrichment to your parrot diet! What better way to bond with your bird than over a Red Berry Seed Stick made with yummy oats, millet dried raspberry, dried blackcurrant and dried strawberry. These parrot treats also come in Honey, Kiwi & Fruity flavours.

Adding bird treats like these is an easy way of introducing a variety to your parrot’s diet with enrichment element. Hanging bird treats will encourage your pet to work for its food and rewards. This way of offer food to birds is much closer to their natural way of feeding in the wild. Hanging parrot treats offer a great mental stimulation too.

Our selection satisfies birds of all sizes – whether your feathered companion is a Budgie, Cockatiel, or even Macaws.

Treat your parrot to a delicious treat today!
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