Tasmanian Swift Parrot – Critically Endangered

Tasmanian Swift Parrot status listing changed

Tasmanian Swift Parrot ChicksTasmanian Swift Parrot was recently moved from the endangered list to critically endangered list.  The change came as a result of a research by a team of scientist from the Australian National University (ANU). They warned that this iconic bird could be gone forever within 16 years.

The researchers believe that the population of this parrot species will half every 4 years which will lead to its extinction within 16 years. According to Dejan Stojanovic, also from ANU School of Environment and Society, the reclassification to critically endangered will hopefully refocus the attention to this parrot. This can then lead to better protection and implementation of conservation and recovery scheme. .

“The reclassification is a major milestone for swift parrots and highlights the importance of finding a solution to the extreme effects of sugar glider predation, and of protecting their habitat,” Says Stojanovic. “It confirms that the severe predation on swift parrots by sugar gliders is critical to whether their population survives.”

The Tasmanian Swift Parrot measures about 230 – 150 mm in length, tinged with green and red on the forehead, throat and chin. It is a migratory bird and only breeds in Tasmania and mainland Australia during the winter.

“Swift parrots are major pollinators of blue and black gum trees which are crucial to the Tasmanian environment and economy including forestry and tourism,” adds Rob Heinsohn, a professor from the ANU Fenner School of Environment and Society.

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