Top 5 Talking Parrot Species

Talking ParrotIf you’re looking into buying a bird and have already invested in open top parrot cages, chances are you’re keen to buy a parrot that can talk. But did you know that not all parrots are capable of mimicking humans? Here are five species that can so perhaps bear this list in mind when you’re out parrot shopping.

The Top 5 Talking Parrot Species:

According to a recent survey the most talking parrots kept as pets are the following 5 species.

Eclectus Parrot

These are one of the best birds to buy if you really want a talking parrot. The males are green and the females are red, and they’re not only able to form distinct words and phrases, but they can also copy mood and tone… although you will have to train them up when they’re young.

The Budgie

Budgies are hugely popular pets and can learn a huge number of songs and phrases. They would be a great choice if you’ve never owned a bird before as there is a learning curve with this kind of pet.

Blue-Fronted Amazon

If you want to go all out and own a parrot without starting off small, the blue-fronted Amazon is a fantastic option. They have a strong and clear speaking voice and are brilliant mimics, but they can live for over 100 years so you and your family need to be ready for the commitment.

Yellow-Naped Amazon

This bird is perhaps the best of all Amazon parrots when it comes to talking. They’re very clever birds and love to sing… so don’t expect your home to be quiet ever again!

African Grey

The African grey is widely regarded as the most intelligent of all talking birds so if your heart is set on a parrot, perhaps make an investment here.

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