Barbara Heidenreich

Upcoming Parrot Training Live Events This Month in Netherlands and Germany

What are you planning to do next weekend? If you don’t have any plans yet why don’t you read the about the two upcoming events? These workshops are focusing on…

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training parrots webinar

Free Access to Webinar on Training Parrots by Barbara Heidenreich

Watch for free educational webinar on training parrots! Learn how to train your parrot to accept oral medications, be comfortable wrapped in a towel, and participate in preventative care. Discover…

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Benni at Liberty – The Free Flying Parrot

Benni at Liberty – The Free Flying Parrot by Dorothy Schwarz So my dream of a free flying parrot has materialised. Will it continue to be a success? Benni was…

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syringe touch web

Two Animal Training Tools I Can’t Live Without

When it comes to animal training you often hear people sing the praises of positive reinforcement. Me too! I love it. But there are two other tools that I can’t…

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