Green quaker parrot eating cherry blossoms in a tree against a bright blue sky.

Flowers for the Birds: 39 Safe Flowers for Parrots

If you’ve been a parrot owner for a while, you’ll know that our birds need a varied diet to thrive. You’ll also know that they get bored easily—and that you…

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Hagen - High Quality Parrot Pellets, Food and Bird Seed Mixes

Hagen – High-Quality Parrot Pellets, Food and Bird Seed Mixes

Navigating the world of avian nutrition can be as complex and varied as the birds themselves. Hagen is a trusted brand that specialises in bird care. They offer a wide…

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Askio Nature Parrot Food Brand by Parrot Essentials

Askio Nature Parrot Food

Parrot lovers and caretakers are always in search of the best diet for their feathered friends. In this blog post, we’ll talk about Askio Nature, a parrot food brand that…

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What is the Best Foods for Small Parrots Guide by Parrot Essentials

What Are The Best Foods for Small Parrots?

If you’ve recently adopted a small feathered friend, or you’re thinking about adding a small parrot to your family, understanding your new pet’s diet is key. There are many different…

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Do Parrots Eat Honey?

Can Parrots Eat Honey?

Most pet parents or owners love to let their pets try new foods. If you have a parrot, you’ll know that they want to sample everything that we eat! Because…

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What Human Food Can Parrots Eat From Our Kitchen

What human foods can parrots eat?

We are used to feeding our parrots things like pellets, seeds and nuts. But have you ever wondered if parrots can eat our foods human food?  The answer is yes –…

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What Do Parrots Eat - Parrot Diet Plan by Parrot Essentials

What do parrots eat? | Parrot diet plan

If you’re thinking of getting a parrot or if you’re trying to improve your feathered friend’s diet, it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed. There are so many food and brands…

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Galah cockatoo eating mixed vegetables and seeds.

8 ways to introduce a parrot to new food

Looking to diversify your pet parrot’s diet? Great! Giving your feathered pet the opportunity to sample all sorts of different foods is a great way to offer more enrichment, while…

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How Often Do Parrots Eat

How Often Do Parrots Eat? | What you need to know!

Thinking about getting a parrot and wondering how often you should be feeding your new feathered friend? Parrots’ meals are small but frequent, but as with many things in life,…

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Can Parrots Eat Garlic?

Can Parrots Eat Garlic?

There is no doubt that garlic packs fantastic benefits for humans and adds plenty of flavour to our dishes, but can parrots eat garlic?  Despite the nutritional value this food…

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