Healthy Parrot Food by Parrot Essentials

Parrot Diet – Feeds, seeds, and health needs

Feeding a healthy and balanced parrot diet is one of the most important tasks for keeping healthy pet parrots. You don’t want to be the cause of any unwanted sickness…

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fresh parrot diet

How to prepare Fresh Parrot Food as recommended by Parrot Essentials

How to make our Fresh Parrot Food from sprouts Many people have asked us how we prepare our fresh parrot food, so we decided to put it on the web…

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healthy diet

Parrot Diet – What shall I give my Parrot to Eat?

Parrot Diet and Nutrition. What’s the best diet for parrots? There’s no proven scientific answer. Pellets? Seeds? Homemade? Maybe as many interesting combinations as species of parrot? There is no…

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