Foods for parrots: 19 spices for parrots

19 spices for parrots

As good parrot parents, we’re always looking for new foods to offer to our feathered friends in order to add enrichment and keep their diet rich in nutrients. Parrot Essentials offers plenty of ideas for novel foods for parrots our blog (see the posts on herbs for parrots, sprouting seeds for parrots, foraging for parrots

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Sprouting seeds for parrots | In 4 steps

How to sprout seeds for your parrot

Here on the blog, we’ve talked before about the problems associated with a feeding your parrot a seed-heavy diet. We’re proponents of feeding pellets, which are less fatty and more suitable for domestic parrots. This being said: we also think seeds have their place. Especially sprouted ones! Let’s go into sprouting seeds for parrots and

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