Elusive Night Parrot of Australia

Call of elusive night parrot to be monitored by outback Queensland grazier

The search for the elusive night parrot continues in outback Queensland with audio technology now being used to listen for the birds’ call. Recorders are being placed in paddocks at…

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Blue-throated macaw

Blue-throated Macaw – Reinvigorating wild population

Blue-throated Macaw Background Information Bolivia is home to 12 species of macaws, and most are thriving. Not among these healthy parrot populations, however, is the Critically Endangered Blue-throated macaw (Ara…

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Seychelles Black Parrot

Vulnerable Seychelles Black Parrot hatchlings take to the skies

Seychelles Black Parrot – Every year in the palm forests of Praslin, the second-largest island on the archipelago of Seychelles, a group of birds is monitored very closely during their…

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Orange-Bellied Parrot Emergency Rescue Operation

Orange-Bellied Parrot’s population has been declining for years, but this year it has reached its lowest number so far. The Orange-Bellied Parrot is Australia’s most endangered parrot species with only…

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Parrot Species Threat

Parrot species threat by legal and illegal trade in Southern Africa

Parrot Species Threat in Southern Africa. As a result of the legal animal trade Southern African parrot species are under threat. This excludes poaching threat. There were around 18,000 protected…

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African Grey Parrots

African Grey Parrots are upgraded to Appendix I by CITES

African Grey Parrots are upgraded to Appendix I by CITES In a meeting held in Johannesburg in September 2016, the U.N.s Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) has…

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The Ara Project

Saving Macaws in Costa Rica

The Ara Project was established in 1982 and is dedicated to saving the macaws in Costa Rica: Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus) and the Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) are both…

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Superb parrot

Superb Parrot fast-track habitat renewal

Saving the Superb Parrot The Superb Parrot is under threat of losing much of it’s natural habitat because of climate change. The Authorities in New South Wales are stepping up…

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Seychelles: British Researcher’s Genetic Study Highlights Urgency of Saving Endemic Seychelles Black Parrot

By John Lablache and Sharon Uranie Victoria — The Seychelles Black Parrot is one of the Indian Ocean archipelago’s thirteen endemic bird species, a status it achieved early last year…

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