What does a parrot need? Parrot necessities checklist | Amazon parrot on playstand

What does a parrot need? Parrot necessities checklist

Thinking of bringing a parrot home? Congratulations, adding a pet to your family is always exciting! But… what does a parrot need? No worries, we’ll help you make sure you’ve…

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Quaker parrot bathing

Why do pet parrots like to bathe?

Most of us know that birds in general bathe from time to time. New parrot owners, though, are sometimes left amazed at how much their feathered friend loves to take…

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Toxic parrot food

7 toxic parrot foods you should avoid

It can be tempting to share human foods with your parrot and it’s important to keep their diet varied. But did you know there are some toxic parrot foods out…

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Blue Indian ringneck parrot feeding on fruit mix.

What do parrots eat? 5 types of parrot food

If you’re new to parrot keeping or trying to improve your parrot’s diet, you might be wondering what types of parrot food are out there. What do parrots eat? Let’s…

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Converting Parrot to Complete Parrot Food

Parrot Diet: Converting Your Bird to Parrot Pellets

It’s a much-debated subject among parrot enthusiasts: should parrot diet consist of seeds or pellets? Seeds are the classic choice but research suggests that parrot pellets are the superior staple…

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African grey parrot playing with foraging toy

Parrot food: Why foraging is important to pet parrots?

It’s well-known that many domestic parrots deal with mental health problems that can present in plucking, screaming, biting and other unwanted behaviours. The cause, in many cases? Boredom. Now, you…

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10 Parrot Facts


Why should you consider these parrot facts If you’re interested in keeping a parrot as a pet? Parrots are amazing creatures and loving pets. However, there are some parrot facts…

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Kakariki Care Guide - Pair of Birds

Kakariki Care Guide & Profile – Parrot Essentials

Thinking about adding a Kakariki to your feathered family? Great choice! Learn the basic facts and housing requirements for this New Zealand parrot with Parrot Essentials’ Kakariki Care Guide. Find…

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10 Things to do if you have a parrot as a pet

10 Things to do if you have a parrot as a pet

If you’ve decided to have a parrot as a pet, it’s important to keep in mind that these birds are very smart, curious and social. They need some specific care…

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Parrot sitting on person's shoulder

Positive reinforcement in Parrot Training

Parrot training is a big part of integrating parrots into our daily life and Positive reinforcement in parrot training is the only kind way of training pet birds. Our birds…

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