Blue-throated macaw

Blue-throated Macaw – Reinvigorating wild population

Blue-throated Macaw Background Information Bolivia is home to 12 species of macaws, and most are thriving. Not among these healthy parrot populations, however, is the Critically Endangered Blue-throated macaw (Ara…

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How to make friends with your parrot

How to Make Friends with your Parrot

In this article Barbara covers the topic of How to Make Friends with your Parrot. If you are a fan of parrots like me, you look forward to those moments…

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The Ara Project

Saving Macaws in Costa Rica

The Ara Project was established in 1982 and is dedicated to saving the macaws in Costa Rica: Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus) and the Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) are both…

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Parrot Rescue

Family Hire Crane To Rescue ‘Stubborn’ Parrot

While it might be nice to let your parrot fly free outside its bird cage every once in a while, this story from the press this week serves as a…

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Introducing me and my birds – Dorothy Schwarz

I’m Dorothy Schwarz and in the coming months I’ll be sharing with you  some of the joys and heartaches, pleasant surprises and shocks of a parrot person’s life. I’ll tell about…

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