Parrot Flying

Your parrot escapes – Don’t despair

Your parrot escapes. What do you do? Dorothy Schwarz talks about her personal experience and knowledge of this situation. You went to answer the front door bell and forgot that…

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Mirt stepping up for a stranger

Why do Parrots Bite and What can you do?

Why do parrots bite? In this article, our resident blogger Dorothy Schwarz shares her opinion and experience about parrot biting and how we can avoid it. My first two parrots…

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African Grey and Cockatoo parrots on Christmas tree

Christmas for the Birds by Dorothy Schwarz

  While writing a Christmas round-up recalling the jokes and funny incidents that parrot people discuss amongst themselves, I’m being assisted by my two African Greys, Artha and Casper. There’s…

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Achie and Lena

Memorial To The Amazon Parrot Lena by Dorothy Schwarz

Lena’s Story Dorothy Schwarz I found Lena dead on Tuesday October 6th at 7.30 pm. All yesterday she had hidden herself behind the radiator in the conservatory bird room. That…

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african grey parrot

10 Dos And Don’ts When Buying a Parrot

Buying a parrot some dos and don’ts. Dot Schwarz You are thinking of buying a parrot? Congratulations… Here are ten pointers that may be helpful in making the best choice…

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mirt timneh african grey

Our Life with Mirt – a wild caught Timneh African Grey

Our Life with Mirt – a wild caught Timneh African Grey Dorothy Schwarz In retelling this bitter-sweet story, I trust that the positive aspects will outweigh the sad epilogue and…

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Benni at Liberty – The Free Flying Parrot

Benni at Liberty – The Free Flying Parrot by Dorothy Schwarz So my dream of a free flying parrot has materialised. Will it continue to be a success? Benni was…

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Cockatoo on the arm

How to keep birds happy

How to keep birds happy by Dorothy Schwarz You can keep birds happy when you give them what they need. Now who is to say what a bird needs? Here are…

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healthy diet

Parrot Diet – What shall I give my Parrot to Eat?

Parrot Diet and Nutrition. What’s the best diet for parrots? There’s no proven scientific answer. Pellets? Seeds? Homemade? Maybe as many interesting combinations as species of parrot? There is no…

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Lily parrot enrichment

Parrot Enrichment – What it is and Why you should

Parrot enrichment for pet parrots and positive reinforcement techniques are two recent concepts that dramatically improve the life quality of captive psittiscene be they tiny budgerigar or magnificent military macaw….

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