Your parrot escapes – Don’t despair

Parrot Flying

Your parrot escapes. What do you do? Dorothy Schwarz talks about her personal experience and knowledge of this situation. You went to answer the front door bell and forgot that the parrot was on your shoulder. She flew outside and was lost behind the tall hedge that’s separates your suburban house from your neighbour’s. Are

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Why do Parrots Bite and What can you do?

Mirt stepping up for a stranger

Why do parrots bite? In this article our resident blogger Dorothy Schwarz shares here opinion and experience about parrot biting and how we can avoid it. My first two parrots were (and still are) non-biting, being a pair of Red-tailed African Greys hand reared by Barrett Watson in Suffolk. They came fully weaned, flighted, knowing

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Christmas for the Birds by Dorothy Schwarz

African Grey and Cockatoo parrots on Christmas tree

  While writing a Christmas round-up recalling the jokes and funny incidents that parrot people discuss amongst themselves, I’m being assisted by my two African Greys, Artha and Casper. There’s a rope stretched across the ceiling in my office for them to play on. The shelves are all protected with cloths even so the top

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