Vulnerable Seychelles Black Parrot hatchlings take to the skies

Seychelles Black Parrot

Seychelles Black Parrot – Every year in the palm forests of Praslin, the second-largest island on the archipelago of Seychelles, a group of birds is monitored very closely during their breeding and hatching seasons. This shy greyish-brown parrot – perhaps overenthusiastically named as the Seychelles Black Parrot (Coracopsis barklyi) – cannot be found anywhere else

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Your parrot escapes – Don’t despair

Parrot Flying

Your parrot escapes. What do you do? Dorothy Schwarz talks about her personal experience and knowledge of this situation. You went to answer the front door bell and forgot that the parrot was on your shoulder. She flew outside and was lost behind the tall hedge that’s separates your suburban house from your neighbour’s. Are

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