Congo African Grey – Profile & Care Guide

Congo African Grey

Common name: Congo African Grey Latin name: Psittacus erithacus Length: 33cms/13 inches Weight: 400-600 grams Life Span: 50 years or more Origin: Central Africa, Tanzania, Western Kenya Noise Level: Medium      Intelligence Congo African Greys are extremely intelligent birds. One of the most famous Congo African Greys is the now – deceased Alex, a Congo

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Timneh African Grey – Profile & Care Guide

Timneh African Grey

Common name: Timneh African Grey Latin name: Psittacus erithacus timneh Length: 30.5cm /12 inches Weight: 237 – 275 grams Life Span: 40 years or more Origin: western parts of the upper Guinea forests and the bordering savannah’s of West Africa from Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone and Southern Mali. Noise Level: Moderate!           

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Introducing me and my birds – Dorothy Schwarz

I’m Dorothy Schwarz and in the coming months I’ll be sharing with you  some of the joys and heartaches, pleasant surprises and shocks of a parrot person’s life. I’ll tell about the lives of my birds and those of others that I know. I’d like to share some of the theoretical knowledge and insights that I’ve

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