Superb Parrot fast-track habitat renewal

Saving the Superb Parrot

The Superb Parrot is under threat of losing much of it’s natural habitat because of climate change. The Authorities in New South Wales are stepping up the efforts to save this endangered species.

The Aim

The aim of the project is to create 200 new artificial hollows in standing trees across the region. The hollows will help provide new habitats for the vulnerable Superb Parrot. This species has lost much of its habitat, including hollow-bearing trees.  The superb parrots nest in groups and are not very territorial. This means that up to 10 hollows can be put in a small area to suit the needs of this bird.

Road kills from grain feeding is also deemed as a major factor for the extension of this bird. Most suitable tall trees with hollows are near the road. As this parrot species is slow in taking off when in danger, road kills are a common setting.  The new artificially created hollows are in trees as far as possible from the road. However, the trees are still in areas rich in vegetation and feeding grounds to sustain the groups.

This targeted approach will ensure that the superb parrot and some other native birds can create new habitats much in safer areas much quicker.

The Method

The natural development of hollows is a very long process. It can take up to 100 years for a small hollow to develop naturally. And 200 to 300 years for large hollows that will support larger birds like cockatoos and owls.

The hollow technique was introduced in the region after Hollows for Habitat forums were held in Dubbo and Orange. Mr Callan believes this project will benefit some other species too.

“Superb parrots are threatened at both a state level and federal level,” said Mr Callan, the project officer.

To follow the different project of saving the Superb parrot visit:

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