Saving Macaws in Costa Rica

Saving Macaws in Costa Rica - Great Green Macaw ParrotThe Ara Project was established in 1982 and is dedicated to saving the macaws in Costa Rica: Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus) and the Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) are both native to this country. The population of this magnificent parrots has been affected by both; unsustainable capture for the pet trade and loss of habitat.

The Ara Project is a Costa Rican licensed, government-supervised organisation operated by the non-profit organisation Asociación El Proyecto Ara.  Its main goal is to reintroduce macaws throughout Costa Rica.  The project is professionally staffed and open to the public with a reservation.

For reservations at Manzanillo our Great Green Macaw release site on the Caribbean please email:, or call 8971-1436.

To see released Scarlet Macaws and visit our breeding centre at Punta Islita on the Pacific please email:, or call 8505-3336.

You can also volunteer or donate to the project and help save wild parrot chicks from poachers by visiting:

Contributing to the project

Saving Macaws in Costa Rica - Scarlet Macaws in flightScarlet Macaw chick Rose hatched in Rural Costa Rica by captive bred parents, released by The Ara Project. Unfortunately Rose did not get to fledge as she was taken by poachers.

Each year, Scarlet and Great Green Macaw pairs have their chicks stolen. This time of the year is critical for the parrots and their chicks as poachers will try to take them again, illegally. By donating to the project you can help saving the macaw chicks. Your donation will help The Ara Project team to:

  • Recruit locals to safeguard the nest boxes
  • Use camera technology for cover surveillance
  • Put team members in the field to monitor breeding activity and protection of nest boxes
  • Increase understanding of the macaw’s plight through education
  • Work with the relevant government agencies to ensure that the macaw’s protective status is enforce.

Ensuring wild macaws can raise offsprings like Rose is critical for the future of these endangered macaws.

If you wish to learn more about The Ara Project visit:
If you wish to make a donation visit:

Thank you for reading.

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