Save The Date: Think Parrots Show 2019 – Kempton Park Racecourse

Save the date: Think Parrots Show 2019, organised by Parrots Magazine

Think Parrots Show – Mark your calendars: Sunday, June 9th at 10am-5pm at Kempton Park Racecourse.

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Think Parrots Show 2019 - Kempton Park Racecourse In addition to being able to browse booths and meet other bird enthusiasts like yourself, you’ll be able to shop a great variety of goods and services. Tickets are available now for £9 or available on the day of the event for just £10.

Masterclasses at the Think Parrots Show 2019

Masterclass One: At 11am-12pm by BRian Stockdale – The Colour of Flight – Nutritional implications of feather colour and quality and what this says about a bird’s general health.
Masterclass Two: At 1pm-2pm by David Woolcock – The Kiwa Centre – a unique project of rehoming and reintroduction.
Masterclass Three: At 3pm-4pm by Stephanie Jayson – From complex cognition to enriching environments.

Full catering and disabled facilities are all available.
Kempton Park Racecourse is just a short 10 minutes away from the M25. The venue has a large free standing car park if you’re driving and it’s adjacent to a mainline rail service. Book your tickets online at Think Parrots, email [email protected] or call, 1273 464777.

Please note that tickets will be mailed approximately 2 weeks prior to the Think Parrots Show. For more parrot news and events, visit the Parrot News section of our blog.

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