Save The Date: Think Parrots Show 2018 – Kempton Park Racecourse

Save the date: Think Parrots Show 2018, organised by Parrots Magazine

Think Parrots Show – Mark your calendars Sunday, June 10th at 10am-5pm. The Think Parrots Show will be the week before Father’s Day at Kempton Park Racecourse.

Think Parrots Show 2018 Save The Date

In addition to being able to browse booths and meet other bird enthusiasts like yourself, you’ll be able to shop a great variety of goods and services. Exhbitors like The Birdcare Company, Hagen and Johnston & Jeff will be there.

Tickets are available now for £9 or available on the day of the event for just £10.

Masterclasses at the Think Parrots Show 2018

Masterclass One:

At 11am-12pm Malcolm Green from The Birdcare Company will be discussing supplements and diet.

Masterclass Two:

At 1pm-2pm Steve Brookes from Wild Parrots Up Close will be focusing on Eco-tours.

Masterclass Three:

At 3pm-4pm Rosemary Low will be speaking on behaviour at home and in nature.

In addition, professional animal trainer Mike Simmons will be flying his birds throughout the day.

Full catering and disabled facilities are all available.  Kempton Park Racecourse is just a short 10 minutes away from the M25. The venue has a large free standing car park if you’re driving and it’s adjacent to a mainline rail service.

Book your tickets online at Think Parrots, email or call, 1273 464777.

Please note that tickets will be mailed approximately 2 weeks prior to the Think Parrots Show.

For more parrot news and events, visit the Parrot News section of our blog.

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