Wavy Calcium Edible Parrot Perch for Bird Cages – Medium

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Edible calcium perch for your medium sized Parrot.

Uncover the perfect recreation and health enhancement blend with our Wavy Calcium Parrot Perch! This Parrot Perch transcends its conventional role as a mere resting spot for your small Parrot. It’s a versatile accessory crafted to offer many of advantages.

  • Edible Calcium Enrichment: The Wavy Calcium Parrot Perch stands out as it’s a unique source of edible calcium tailored for your Peet Parrot. As your feathered friend roosts and nibbles on this distinctive feature, they receive essential calcium, promoting strong bones and overall well-being.
  • Entertainment and Chewing Bliss: Engineered with your parrot’s amusement in mind, this perch beckons them to engage in delightful chewing. It’s textured surface and captivating composition keep your parrot engrossed and content, preventing boredom and nurturing natural behaviour.
  • Foot Fitness and Sure Grip: The varied diameters of the Natural Parrot Perch offer your pet’s feet exercise as they walk on its surface. This fosters foot health, enhances dexterity, and ensures a secure grip, enabling your parrot to stay agile and active.
  • Effortless Installation: Fixing the Wavy Calcium Parrot Perch to your parrot’s cage is a straightforward process. Once in place, your parrot can swiftly embrace their new perch, creating a comfortable and engaging haven within their habitat.

This Wavy Calcium Parrot Perch is a well-being solution for your cherished feathered companion. By introducing this Natural Parrot Perch into your parrot’s surroundings, you guarantee that they receive the vital calcium intake while indulging in extended periods of playful engagement.

Calcium is an indispensable mineral for parrots, which is pivotal in their comprehensive health and well-being. It is essential for maintaining the integrity of a parrot’s bones and beak, ensuring proper muscle function, facilitating blood clotting, nurturing a responsive nervous system, and sustaining overall health.

For your parrot’s optimal health, it is imperative to provide a balanced diet replete with sources of calcium. Additionally, if necessary, including calcium-rich foods and supplements can minimise parrots’ risk of calcium deficiency-related health problems.


  • Length 16cm (6.29“)
  • Diameter 3cm (1.18“)


  • Edible Gypsum, Metal


  • Weight: 0.2 kg
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