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Product Description

A crunchy, tasty parrot treat for your companion bird.

Part of the Vitapol Vita Line range, these delightful apple pieces are great for use as a snack or to reward your bird’s good behaviour.

The drying process used reduces the water content in order to preserve the nutritional values, ensuring your feathered friend benefits from all the vitamins and minerals.

Providing and preparing fresh fruits can take time and they usually spoil fairly quickly. Dried fruits such as these apples still provide most if not all of the same nutritional value as if it was fresh without the worry of it going off to quickly. Now your bird can enjoy the fresh taste of apples for longer in their food bowl.

You can add them to your Parrot’s regular diet, or use as a reward during training, or place them inside foraging toys to encourage their natural feeding behaviour, and provide essential mental stimulation.


  • Dried Apple 100%

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein min 1.5%, Crude Fat min 0.2%, Crude Fibre max 15.9%, Crude Ash max 2.8%, Phosphorus min 0% max 0.3367%, Calcium min 0% max 0.643%, Moisture max 12%

Nutritional Recommendations

  • Complimentary pet food. Give as a snack or reward. Treats shouldn’t exceed 10% of total food intake per day. Always provide fresh water.


  • 100g


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