Vitakraft Rollinis – Bite Sized Parrot Treat

Vitakraft Parrot and Cockatiels Food



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Product Description

A tasty beak pleasing treat suitable for all hookbills.

A complementary food containing a mixture of seeds, fruits and vegetables rolled into crispy crunchy balls, tasty and good for their beaks too.


  • Corn, Corn Dextrin, Safflower seed, Wheat, Oat kernels, Water, Dextrose, Buckwheat, Raisins, Flax seed, Mung beans, Rice, Dehydrated Pepper, Red lentils, Milo, Honey, Calcium carbonate, Wheat flour, Pea protein, Coarse soybean meal, Alfalfa meal, Dehydrated carrots, for full information please see label.

Feeding Directions

  • Feed 1 Rollinis every 2-3 days


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