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Delicious Honey and Aniseed treat stick for hanging in your Parrot`s cage

Baked three times on a natural wooden stick and with no added sugar; these Vitakraft Parrot Treat Sticks Honey and Aniseed are a healthy choice for your pet bird.

The treat has been lightly baked with three different layers, to keep the level of nutrition high. The outer core is the yummy seed mix, the middle core is the scrumptious biscuit layer and the inner core is chewable wood, great for keeping your bird’s beak healthy and trim.

They are made from 100% natural ingredients including aniseed, which is a great source of minerals such as iron for transporting oxygen in the blood, potassium for a healthy heart and muscles and zinc, which is important in feather formation. The other key ingredient, honey, provides your bird with long lasting bursts of energy.

Every treat stick also contains vegetables, cereal and seed that make the recipe even tastier for your Parrot.

Hang these sticks in your Parrot’s cage, perhaps near a perch, to make mealtimes fun and accessible for your bird. If they are up for more of a challenge then hang the treat sticks away from their perch, encouraging them to exercise and find a more active way of reaching their treats.

There are two sticks in every packet, for double the fun for your bird.


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