Vitakraft Cocktail Parrot Treat – Fruit & Nuts – 250g

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Product Description

A tantalising mix of fun to eat fruits and nuts

Inside this Vitakraft Cocktail for Parrots, you’ll find carefully selected quality fruits and nuts.

  • A fruity treat all Parrots love
  • Full of vitamins and minerals
  • Adds variety to your Parrot’s diet
  • Suitable for African Grey, Cockatoo, Conure and more

So spoil your bird with this nut and fruity seed mix from Vitakraft!

The Fruit Cocktail from Vitakraft is a delicious treat for cockatiels, lovebirds, parakeets and parrots.

This parrot food and treat is packed full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and contains ingredients such as raisins, bananas and dates.

Use the Vitakraft Fruit Cocktail as a reward during training, or add a small portion with each meal to add variety to your parrot’s staple diet.

Vitakraft has reduced the amount of packaging, and the bag is recyclable – please check your local recycling service.


  • Cereals, seeds 30.5%, fruit 26.1% (carob, dried 6%, banana, dried 5.1%, apple, dried 5%, dates, dried 5%, raisins 5%), nuts (peanut kernels 10%), oils and fats, natural ingredients.

Additional Information

  • No added Sugar
  • No added Colouring
  • No added Flavours
  • No preservatives


  • Keep dry and cool.


  • Weight: 0.27 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price
  • Info: Healthy fruity cocktail treat for you to reward your Parakeet with.

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