Vine Ring Rattle Natural Foot Parrot Toy

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Product Description

Rattle the Cage with Fun!

  • Chewable: Safe for your bird’s beak and talons.
  • Colourful Fun: Nine movable, brightly coloured vine rings.
  • Foot-Friendly Design: Ideal for gripping and carrying.
  • Interactive Sound: Rattles to keep your parrot intrigued.

The Vine Ring Rattle Natural Foot Parrot Toy is designed to keep your feathered friend engaged with its delightful rattling sound and vibrant colours. This natural parrot toy is made with your bird’s playtime needs in mind, providing a fun and interactive experience.

With nine colourful vine rings wrapped around a central bar, your parrot will be drawn to the texture and sound of the parrot toy. It’s perfect for shaking, rattling, and rolling, stimulating your parrot’s senses and encouraging active play. The natural materials make it a safe and satisfying option for parrots who love to chew, helping to maintain beak health and provide mental stimulation.

This parrot foot toy’s design allows parrots to easily grip and carry it, promoting dexterity and coordination. The varying textures also encourage natural play behaviours, keeping your parrot entertained for hours. It’s a simple yet effective way to enrich your parrot’s daily routine, giving them a source of amusement and activity.

The rattle sound made by the vine rings adds an auditory element to the natural parrot toy, piquing your parrot’s curiosity and keeping their attention focused on play. It’s an excellent parrot toy for preventing boredom and the associated behavioural issues that can arise from a lack of stimulation.

The Vine Ring Rattle Natural Foot Parrot Toy is not only a source of fun but also a practical addition to your parrot’s toy collection. It provides a natural and safe play option, free from harmful substances, ensuring your parrot can play worry-free.

Add the Vine Ring Rattle Natural Foot Parrot Toy to your bird’s environment and enjoy a happier, healthier companion. It’s the perfect way to brighten your parrot’s day and encourage their natural instincts for play.


  • Length 17.5cm (6.89″) 
  • Width 3cm (1.18″)


  • Coloured Wood, Coloured Willow Vine


  • Weight: 0.03 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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