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Delicious seed stick treats made with tasty ingredients and specifically tailored for budgies.

Looking to pamper your feathered friend with a delectable treat? Look no further! At Parrot Essentials we have the perfect delight for your budgie – delicious Red Berry Seed Sticks designed to bring pure delight to your avian companion.

  • Irresistible Berry Flavor: These seed sticks are infused with the sweet goodness of berries, providing a mouthwatering taste that your budgie will adore. It’s a treat that tantalises their taste buds and keeps them coming back for more.
  • Variety of Ingredients: Packed with an array of cereals, including oats, millet, cardi, and red millet, these seed sticks offer a diverse and nutritious blend. Plus, they contain bakery and confectionery products, ensuring a delightful texture that your budgie will find hard to resist.
  • Easy to Serve: The Parrot Treats come in a convenient box of two, allowing you to offer them to your budgie in individual portions. Whether served as a special treat or as part of a balanced diet, they add a burst of flavour and fun to your budgie’s day.
  • Hassle-Free Placement: These seed sticks are a breeze to hang or position in various types of enclosures. Versatile and easy to use, they fit seamlessly into your budgie’s habitat, ensuring they get a taste of happiness whenever they please.

Indulge your feathered friend in these delightful treats, and watch them chirp with joy as they nibble on the Red Beery Seed Sticks. Your budgie deserves the very best, and these treats are tailored to satisfy their cravings while offering essential nutrients.

Baked and prepared crumble-free, ensuring minimum waste.

Your parrot will enjoy double the fun with a box of two – when served in individual portions as a treat, it can be used as part of a balanced diet.


  • (cereals – 74.23%) cardi, oats, millet, red millet, wheat our, (bakery and confectionery products – 12.05%) ground sponge cakes coloured, sugar, eggs,(drieds – 9.73%) dried raspberry, dried blackcurrant, dried strawberry,(oil seeds – 3.99%) ax-seeds, sun flower.


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