Tug N Slide Foraging Tower Parrot Toy (1 in Stock)

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Product Description

Advance foraging device for large pet birds.

Parrots are smart, and foraging toys offer you a great way to provide your parrot with essential mental stimulation, as well as giving them a good physical workout.

The Tug N Slide Foraging Tower Parrot toy is made from durable polycarbonate, ready and waiting for any beak.

The clear design allows your parrot to see the reward you have placed in the top. But to retrieve it they must manoeuvre it through the toy until it reaches the chamber at the bottom.


  • Height 28cm (11″)
  • Width 12cm (4.75″)
  • Depth 12cm (4.75″)


  • Polycarbonate


  • Weight: 0.43 kg
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