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Product Description

A durable refillable foraging toy.

  • A foraging toy that offers lots of mental stimulation
  • Hide treats inside then see if your Parrot can get them out again
  • Has acrylic beads and leather strips to pick at and untie
  • Suitable for African Grey, Conure, Macaw and more

The Tube O` Treats Foraging Parrot Toy is a great for all Parrots, and its simple design makes is perfect if your Parrot is new to the concept of foraging toys.

Place favourite foods, treasured treats or most desired materials inside via one of the two larger holes near the top.

The see-through design means your Parrot can see their rewards, now they have to get them out again via the two small holes towards the bottom.

They’ll have great fun for many hours manipulating the toys and the goodies inside, providing the essential mental stimulation required to keep your feathered friend free from birdie boredom.

Plus, when the foraging fun is done, your beaky buddy can enjoy chewing on or untying the acrylic beads and knotted leather strips. You can attach more favoured materials to the chain or loop at the top.

Use the metal quick link provided to quickly and securely fasten this Tub O` Treats to your bird’s cage or play gym stand.

Please note toys inside on the image are not included.


  • Length 20cm (8″)
  • Width 4cm (2″)


  • Plastic, Leather, Metal

Please Note: The white ends CAN NOT be removed. We suggest removing the metal hardware before washing this toy. Ensure it is allowed to dry out thoroughly before reusing


  • Weight: 0.12 kg
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