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Product Description

Higher nutrient biscuits, great for converting your larger Parrot from a seed based diet.

Hagen’s Tropican Parrot High Performance Biscuits is a complete premium daily diet with increased levels of nutrition.

Perfect for feeding your Parrot if they are

– Young, weaning and fledging as it is formulated to be a natural transition from Hagen’s Hari Tropican Hand Feeding Formula.
– In need of a higher protein and fat intake.
– Breeding as it has balanced calcium and Vitamin D for proper egg formation and bone health.
– Molting as the essential amino acids promotes feather development.
– In flighted aviaries.
– Undergoing a diet conversion from a seed based diet.

Containing no artificial preservatives, colours and flavours, this premium food is suitable for Parrots including Amazons, Cockatoos and Macaws of all ages, from juveniles up to adult.

Each biscuit has multiple sources of protein to help your bird maintain impeccable feathers with vibrant colours. This food also provides optimal levels of calcium and naturally sourced omega fatty acids.

Developed by the Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI) who carry out extensive research into Parrot nutrition. Consequently, they are trusted by vets and Parrot owners worldwide as being one of the best providers of Parrot nutrition.

Feeding Guide :

To keep your pet bird healthy, the water cups should be cleaned daily and unsoiled Tropican High Performance morsels should be replenished as needed. Monitor your pet bird for daily consumption of Tropican Parrot food.


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