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Product Description

Three foraging pouches for triple the fun.

Toys such as this Triple Foraging Pouches Parrot Toy are a great way for you to help your bird satisfy their natural urge to forage.

  • Three times the fun for your Parrot
  • Your Parrot can enjoy picking the fibres,
  • Plus there is cotton rope to preen
  • Suitable for Conure. Eclectus, Senegal and more

Each pouch comes prefilled with natural fibres. Let your Parrot have fun pulling them all out, picking them to pieces, chewing them up and preening on them.

You can also hide some of your Parrot’s favourite materials or treats inside one, two or all three of the pouches, then hang it up in their cage or on their play gym stand and watch nature take over.

Encouraging your Parrot to forage for food is a great way of providing the same levels of mental stimulation their wild cousins enjoy.

Cotton rope has been used to secure fun to chew parts down each side of the pouches, providing your bird with a greater variety of materials to play with. Plus, they can use the rope for preening with, helping to keep them looking beautiful.

The plastic beads and wood rings have been threaded onto the rope, for your bird to have fun removing.

Using the metal pear link at the top you can quickly and easily secure the toy to the side or roof of your Parrot’s cage.


  • Length 42cm (17”)
  • Width 4cm (2”)
  • Depth 2cm (0.75”)


  • Coco Fibres, Cotton Rope, Plastic, Wood, Metal


  • Weight: 0.06 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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