Trio Bell Ringer Parakeet and Budgie Toy

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Chime & Charm: The Sound of Joy for Your Bird!

Make your bird’s day brighter with the Hanging Trio Bell Ringer Parakeet and Budgie Toy. This small parrot toy is designed to entertain your bird with its colorful appearance and playful sounds.

  • Musical Marvel: Three bells for a symphony of fun.
  • Vibrant Visage: Bright colourto catch your bird’s eye.
  • Engaging Sounds: Perfect for sound-loving parakeets and budgies.
  • Easy Hang: Quick attachment for instant entertainment.

The Trio Bell Ringer is easy to use and has a simple design. It hangs from a chain and features a colourful dome with three shiny bells. Each bell invites your bird to play and interact, providing endless entertainment. When your parakeet or budgie taps the bells, they will enjoy the resulting chimes, creating a happy and sound-filled environment.

The Trio Bell Ringer is a hanging toy that comes in a bright and attractive colour, making it stand out in your bird’s cage. It’s designed to catch your bird’s attention and spark their curiosity. As your bird explores the toy, each movement triggers a tinkling of bells, producing a pleasing sound that budgies and parakeets love.

This parakeet toy is more than just a regular bird toy. It’s an interactive experience that keeps your small parrot physically active and mentally stimulated. Pecking, reaching, and swinging the bells is an excellent workout for their body and mind, ensuring that they stay engaged and avoid the boredom that can often affect caged birds.

The Trio Bell Ringer is a durable parrot toy that is designed to withstand the playful antics of your feathered friend and provide a reliable source of amusement day after day. It becomes a staple in your bird’s life, a familiar and beloved part of their daily routine.

Introducing the Hanging Trio Bell Ringer Parakeet and Budgie Toy to your bird’s cage is like bringing in a ray of sunshine, accompanied by the cheerful sound of a morning’s beginning. It’s a simple pleasure, a touch of whimsy, and a note of happiness all rolled into one.

So, why wait? Add this charming trio of bells to your bird’s home and watch the melody of playtime unfold. It’s a sound investment in your parrot’s happiness and a delightful addition to their collection of toys.

* Please Note – This toy comes in variety of colours and the colour supplied may be different from the image displayed on the website.


  • Total Length with hook 9cm (3.54″)
  • Dome Diameter 5cm (1.96”)


  • Metal, Plastic


  • Weight: 0.05 kg
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