Trio Bell Chiming Star Budgie Toy

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Product Description

Tricolour Jingle Star chiming budgie toy.

This Trio Bell Chiming Star Budgie Toy, with its interesting and chewable star shape will provide your pet bird with lots of chewing and chiming fun.

The star is made of soft wood which your budgie, cockatiel, lovebird can chew and shred.

The three brightly coloured bells will attract the attention of your parrot and keep your pet focused on the toy for longer.

Hide small parrot treats inside the plastic beads to introduce foraging element to the toy.

Sit back and watch your budgie, parakeet or small parrot have fun or foraging for treats.

Easily attached your your bird cage with the link provided.

NOTE: This products comes in variety of colours. The toy you receive may be different from the one displayed on the website.


  • Length 16cm (6.3″) 
  • Width 8cm (3.15″)


  • Wood, Metal, Plastic


  • Weight: 0.04 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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