Treat Cubes Hide a Treat Foraging Parrot Toy

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Product Description

Foraging puzzle toy you can use to interact with your Parrot.

The Treat Cubes Hide a Treat Foraging Parrot Toy is one in a series of fun interactive puzzles toys designed to allow you to spend quality one on one time with your bird.

There are three treat cubes, each has a well inside, plus four small holes. Each cube is attached to a different coloured sisal rope.

There are many ways you can use this Treat Cubes Toy, you can place treats in one, two or all three cubes before placing back in to the holder. You can wedge rewards in the small holes on the front, or back or in the wells.

Have the wells facing up for easier access, or turn them upside down, so once your bird pulls the cube out they still have to lift the cube up to get their reward.

Place the holder and treat cubes vertically, then make your bird work their way from the top to the bottom to find their reward.

You can also use the sisal ropes to teach your bird to recognise the different colours

Please be sure to let us and other bird owners know all the fun ways you and your Parrot enjoy using this Treat Cubes Hide a Treat Foraging Parrot Toy in a review or on or Facebook page.


  • Length 21cm (8.27″)
  • Height 8cm (3.15″)
  • Depth 6cm (2.36″)


  • Wood, Sisal


  • Weight: 0.43 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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