Treasure Hunt Parrot Foraging Toy

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Product Description

Prefilled with coloured wood shapes for your parrot to hunt and remove from this tough and secure treasure chest.

The see through design of this treasure chest means your Parrot can easily see the rewards inside their Treasure Hunt Foraging Toy. Various shaped holes around the toy allow access to the goodies inside but also make it challenging for them to be removed.

Your Parrot’s Treasure Hunt Foraging Toy can easily be refilled with a Treasure Hunt Replacement Refill Pack. Alternatively you can push a whole host of other materials, treats and goodies for your Parrot to retrieve.

Filling the Treasure Hunt with shredded paper allows you to hide smaller treats inside that might normally be too easily removed. There are lots of other ways you and your Parrot can enjoy using your Treasure Hunt Toy.

You may even find that your Parrot starts storing their treasures inside this extra tough toy just to keep them safe!

Dimensions – Toy

  • Total Length 25cm (10″) 
  • Width 12cm (4.7″)
  • Depth 7cm (2.75″)


  • Acrylic, Wood, Metal

Materials – Refill

  • Wood


  • Weight: 0.1 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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