Tingling Christmas Tree Chew & Forage Parrot Toy

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Product Description

This festive parrot toy will keep your beloved pet entertained during the festive season.

  • Explore, Forage & Play: The Tingling Christmas Tree Parrot Toy provides your feathered friend with a fun and engaging play.
  • Auditory Joy: A bell at the bottom of the tree produces a tingling sound that keeps your parrot entertained.
  • Easy Installation: The provided long link ensures quick and versatile installation.
  • Maintain Health: Chewing on the wood helps to keep your parrot’s beak in good condition and keeps boredom away at the same time.

The Tingling Christmas Tree Parrot Toy is shaped like a charming wooden Christmas tree, featuring vibrant green, red, and yellow colors. It adds a touch of holiday cheer to your parrot’s environment, creating a festive atmosphere year-round.

The Tingling Christmas Tree Chew & Forage Parrot Toy is designed to provide your feathered companion with hours of entertainment and mental enrichment.

The bells at the bottom of the tree add extra excitement to playtime. As your parrot interacts with the toy, the bells produce a soothing tingling sound that engages their senses and keeps them entertained.

The plastic wiffle balls is where you can hide treats, paper or other small materials. Let your bird watch you place the treats inside then watch as their natural foraging instinct take over.


  • Total Length 62cm (24.5″)
  • Width 12cm (4.72″)


  • Wood, Metal, Plastic


  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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