Tidymix Sesame Sticks Parrot Treat – 250g

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These beak-wateringly good treats offer a host of health benefits to your Parrot.

Not only are these Tidymix Sesame Sticks super tasty, they are bursting with carbohydrates that provide your Parrot with a long lasting burst of energy.

Your Parrot can also benefit from their calcium content; great for helping your bird build strong bones. From the phosphorus, that your bird uses to release energy from fats. From fibre that aids your Parrot’s digestive system. From proteins your Parrot uses to keep their muscles strong.

Easily encourage your Parrot to start eating their Tidymix Sesame Sticks Parrot Treat by handing small portions as training treats or hide them in a foraging toy for your Parrot to find and retrieve.


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