Tidymix Pulse & Rice Soaking Parrot Food

Tidymix Diets for Parrots

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Product Description

A delicious blend of 13 ingredients.

Our soaking mix has brown rice and whole wheat grain as well as 11 different pulses, peas and lentils, easy to prepare and a great source of protein and very high in natural nutrients.


  • Soya, Aduki, Mung, Pinto, Blackeye, Haricot Beans, Corn Chick, Green & Yellow Peas, Puy & Red Lentils, Wheat, Brown Rice.

Preparation Guide

  • Soak for 12 hours in boiled water.
  • After saoking rinse thoroughly.
  • You can feed raw or soften further by boiling in a pan or microwave.
  • Rinse under cold water and leave to cool, then feed.

Fresh Parrot Food Recipe


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