Swing ‘o’ Swing Fun Parrot Perch & Bird Swing – Small

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Product Description

Swinging Fun Perch with Bells for small parrots.

Swinging fun with chewable elements and hanging bells? The perfect combination for resting and play for all small parrots and birds.

Provided swinging toys like the Swing ‘o’ Swing Fun Parrot Perch – Small will keep your pet mentally stimulated and active at the same time.

This parrot perch and birds swing is made from rope and wood, providing chewing and preening opportunity for your small parrot.

The two bells should keep your pet bird sitting for longer on the swing.

The swing can be easily attached to the top of the cage or play stand with the included metal clip.

If all this isn’t enough to keep your bird satisfied you can easily attach various other materials from our range of toy making parts to the parrot swing for your bird to enjoy.

NOTE: This product comes in variety of colours and the product you receive may vary in colour from the imaged displayed.


  • Total Length 43cm (16.9″)
  • Width 14cm (5.51″)
  • Perch Diameter 1.8cm (0.71″)


  • Wood, Rope, Metal


  • Weight: 0.1 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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