Swing & Chime Wooden Bridge Parrot Toy for Parrots and Pet Birds

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Product Description

Adventure style swing bridge parrot toy.
Let your parrot’s imagination run wild during playtime with this Swing & Chime Wooden Bridge Parrot Toy for Budgies, Parakeet and Small Parrots. You can easily and securely fasten this toy to the roof bars of your parrot’s cage using the quick links provided. 

Your parrot can then set off on their play time adventure across the swinging bridge, to reach the hidden treasure in their foraging device on the other side of the cage.

As your bird moves across the bridge, perhaps over the top or holding on upside down, the climbing frame tilts and swings making their adventure even more fun, testing their balance and acrobatic skills, whilst providing a birdie workout for a healthy bird.

The four shiny bells will keep the attention of your parrot on the toy for longer.

You can easily attach extra toys or materials to the ladder poles and rungs, providing even more fun for your bird to enjoy along the way.

  • Depth 10cm (3.94″)
  • Width 11.5cm (4.5″)
  • Height 22cm (8.7″)


  • Wood, Plastic, Metal.


  • Weight: 0.16 kg
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