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Durable see through acrylic toy which is great for birds new to as well as those more accustomed to foraging.

The Super Star Parrot Foraging Toy makes a great entry level foraging toy if you’re bird is new to the concept of foraging. Plus with a little bit of imagination it can be made more challenging.

The see through design allows your Parrot to clearly see the rewards you’ve placed inside. It could be food, treats or materials; as long as it is something your bird really likes and is willing to work for.

Once full, hang the toy up in your bird’s cage; if you place it near a perch it makes it easier for your bird, or hang it up high and away from perches to make it more challenging.

The star shaped lid can easily be lifted or pushed aside by your bird so they can retrieve their goodies. To make it more difficult try tying rope or fixing a quick link through the chain link just above the star shaped lid; this makes it harder for you bird to access the cup.

For a change of activity you can use The Super Star Parrot Foraging Toy as the base for a chewable or preening toy. Try threading wood parts on to the chain or tie on wood toy parts using rope for your bird to chew. Alternatively tie and knot pieces of rope to the chain, both inside and outside of the cup.

There are lots of fun ways you and your bird can have rewarding fun with a Super Star Parrot Foraging Toy.


  • Length 25cm (10″)
  • Foraging Cylinder Diameter 6cm (2.36″)


  • Acrylic, Metal


  • Weight: 0.08 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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