Sunflower Fruit Cups Twin Holder with Mirror Parakeet Toy

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Product Description

Perfect for your smaller pet birds to enjoy eating their Fruit Cup Jellies.

The clever angled holder means you just push your birds Twin Holder with Mirror in between the cage bars until it clicks securely in to place.

The plastic perch is positioned for great access to both the cup holders which can be rotated to a position ideal for your bird. You also get two plastic feeding pots to use for whenever you`re not treating your feathered friend to a Fruit Cup Jelly. Fill them with other treats, seed or materials for them to munch on and play with.

The frame of the mirror has three ridged areas, and provides a place for your bird to grip and spin the mirror. If all that wasn’t enough fun your bird can enjoy chatting to themselves in the mirror or use it to add those finishing touches to their preening routine.


  • Diameter 11cm (4.33″)


  • Plastic, Metal


  • Weight: 0.06 kg
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