Stainless Steel Parrot Feeding Bowl for Bird Cages – 3 Sizes

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Product Description

Dine in Style with our Stainless Steel Parrot Feeding Bowl!

The Stainless Steel Parrot Feeding Bowl for Bird Cages is the perfect solution for your pet bird’s meal times. This 14cm parrot feeding bowl provides a stable and secure feeding station for your parrot, ensuring they can enjoy their food and water without causing a mess in their cage.

  • Sturdy Stainless Steel: Resistant to pecking and wear.
  • Firm Clamp Hold: Prevents the bowl from being knocked over.
  • Mess-Free Design: Reduces food and water spillage.
  • Simple to Attach: Bolts directly onto cage bars for stability.

Made from stainless steel, this parrot feeding bowl is strong and long-lasting, standing up to the daily use of feeding your pet bird. The material is safe and easy to clean, ensuring the best hygiene for your pet. It’s suitable for all kinds of bird food or fresh water, making it a versatile choice for any parrot owner.

The bowl features a clamping mechanism that locks it in place, preventing your bird from tipping it over or removing it. This means fewer spills and a cleaner cage, which is essential for the health and comfort of your parrot. It’s particularly useful for larger birds that may be more inclined to play with or move their bowls.

Installing this Parrot Feeding Bowl is straightforward. It comes with everything you need to bolt it onto the bars of your bird’s cage. Once in place, the feeding bowl will not move, offering protection against spills, especially with larger parrots like Cockatoos and Macaws, who may be more forceful during feeding.

A parrot feeding bowl is an important item that every parrot owner should have. This parrot-feeding bowl should be placed in an easily accessible location within the cage, and it should be cleaned regularly to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. By providing your parrot with a reliable source of food and water, you can help to ensure that they stay healthy and happy.

The Stainless Steel Parrot Feeding Bowl for Bird Cages – 14cm is the perfect choice to keep feeding areas clean and ensure your birds have constant access to their meals. It’s a straightforward, no-fuss bowl that does exactly what it needs to – provide a reliable and secure place for your parrot to eat and drink. Choose this bowl for a tidy, happy, and healthy parrot.

Size 10cm Dimensions

  • Diameter 10cm (3.94″)
  • Height 7.5cm (2.95″)

Size 12cm Dimensions

  • Diameter 12cm (4.75″)
  • Height 9cm (3.54″)

Size 14cm Dimensions

  • Diameter 14cm (5.51″)
  • Height 9.5cm (3.74″)


  • Stainless Steel



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