Sola Balsa Wood Rainbow Stacker Parrot Toy (2 in Stock)

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Product Description

A stack of soft wood for your smaller Parrot to chew on.

  • This toy offers chewing and shredding fun for smaller Parrots
  • Plus there are dummies to remove and palm leaf to shred
  • Has a link so you can fasten it onto cages
  • Suitable for Budgie, Cockatiel, Lovebird and Small Conure

Part of the Super Bird Creations range of fun and safe pet bird toys, this Sola Balsa Wood Rainbow Stacker Parrot Toy is stacked full of chewing and shredding fun for your smaller Parrot.

Chewing on the coloured sola wood and balsa wood pieces satisfies your beaky buddie’s natural urge to chew and shred, helping to keep their beak trim and healthy.

The woven palm leaf flowers provide even more fun for your Parrot, as they pick and unravel them apart before shredding it up, all the while their feet and beak are kept active.

The plastic dummy is fun to work at removing too.

Use the metal link provided to quickly and securely fasten this Sola Balsa Wood Toy to your Parrot’s cage or play gym stand.


  • Length 28cm (11“)
  • Width 8cm (3“)
  • Depth 8cm (3“)


  • Wood, Vine Leaf, Plastic, Metal


  • Weight: 0.11 kg
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