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Snug as a Bird in a Bag – The Snuggle Sack Hideaway for Small Birds!

Small pet birds love having somewhere to hide away in, and for many a Snuggle Sack Hideaway Small quickly becomes their favourite place to be.

 Cozy Comfort for Feathered Friends:

  • Safe Retreat: A soft, warm hideaway for small birds to feel secure.
  • Climate Control: Protects from cold draughts, keeping your bird warm.
  • Durable and Convenient: Includes sturdy metal clips for easy cage attachment.
  • Easy Maintenance: Machine washable for a clean, comfortable rest.

Small pet birds naturally seek a snug spot to retreat, and the Snuggle Sack Hideaway Small offers the perfect sanctuary. This delightful accessory quickly becomes the go-to cosy corner for your bird, providing a comfortable hideout for those moments when they seek privacy or need to feel secure.

Not only can your bird remove themselves from view as and when they wish, their Snuggle Sack helps them to avoid cold draughts, keeping them warm during spells of cold weather.

Maintenance of this cozy hideaway is just as simple as its installation. The Snuggle Sack is machine washable, which means it’s easy to keep it fresh and clean, ensuring a hygienic resting place for your bird. Regular washing helps maintain the Snuggle Sack’s inviting appeal and ensures your bird’s environment remains pleasant and snug.

Invest in the Snuggle Sack Hideaway Small, and give your bird the gift of comfort and security.

*Not recommended for long-tailed birds.

*Please note – the hideaway may stimulate nesting behaviour.

*Colour supplied may vary from image(s) shown.


  • Height excluding hangers 15cm (6″)
  • Width 15cm (6″)
  • Depth 10cm (4″)
  • Width of Opening 4.5cm (1.75″)


  • Fleece material, Metal Clips


  • Weight: 0.12 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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