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Highly entertaining toy for smaller Parrots.

This Sneakers Dangler Parrot Toy has two super popular sneakers temptingly swinging from the bottom of each ‘leg’.

  • This Sneakers Dangler offers lots of foraging and chewing fun
  • It all helps to keep beaks and minds busy
  • For those starting foraging to experienced foragers
  • Suitable for Cockatiel, Small Conure, Senegal and more

Each leg is a metal chain filled with colourful wood popsicle sticks and beads for your beaky buddy to chew on. You can easily tie on and attach other materials for your bird to enjoy.

The laces on the sneakers, and the knotted cotton rope at the top make for a great game, as your Parrot sets about trying to untie them, helping to keep their feet, beak and brain busy.

For even more fun, why not fill the inside of the sneakers with treats or materials for your bird to find and retrieve? Loosen the laces to make it an easier challenge, or tie them up to increase the difficulty for more experience foragers.

Use the pear link provided to easily and securely fasten this Sneakers Dangler Parrot Toy to your Parrot’s cage or play gym stand.


  • Length 32cm (13″)
  • Width 10cm (4″)


  • Wood, Cotton, Rubber, Plastic, Metal


  • Weight: 0.14 kg
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