Skateboard Trick Training Parrot Toy

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Cos the world needs a Tony Squawk.

Your Parrot can have loads of fun and enjoy lots of exercise through play with this Skateboard Trick Training Parrot Toy.

This skateboard is made from tough and durable lightweight acrylic and is fitted with wood wheels, making it easy for your bird to move along.

Enjoy some great one-to-one time with your Parrot as you teach them to be pushed along whilst they sit comfortably on the perch.

Using some positive reinforcement training you’ll soon have your bird skating around like a pro in no time.

Please note the colour may vary from that shown.


  • Length 14cm (5.51″)
  • Width 4cm (1.57″)
  • Height 3cm (1.18″)


  • Wood, Metal


  • Weight: 0.04 kg
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