Sisal Rope Zig Zag Parrot Perch – Large

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Twistable Comfort for Your Feathered Friend

A natural sisal parrot perch can easily be bent into different shapes.

  • Bendable Brilliance: Equipped with a flexible metal core, this bird perch bends into a variety of fun shapes, encouraging exploration and exercise.
  • Natural Touch: Crafted from natural sisal fibres, it offers a comfortable grip for resting while promoting healthy foot muscles.
  • Happy Preening: Encourages natural preening behaviour, aiding in mental stimulation and reducing feather-destructive habits.
  • Customisable Fun: Easily adorned with additional materials like cotton or leather for added textural variety, enhancing playtime and interest.

The Large Sisal Rope Zig Zag Parrot Perch is a flexible, natural parrot perch that lets you create unique shapes for your pet bird to enjoy. The central metal core can be easily bent and stretched to form various designs and shapes, while the connectors at both ends keep your bird safe and secure whether they’re resting or climbing inside or outside their cage.

This bird perch is made of natural sisal fibres that offer a comfortable surface for your pet parrot to perch and rest on. The uneven surface helps to keep your bird’s feet healthy and strong by providing perfect exercise. The sisal fibres are durable and built to last.

The natural sisal parrot perch also provides an opportunity for your bird to preen, which helps to keep their beak and mind occupied for hours. Preening also helps to reduce feather-destructive behaviours that can leave your companion looking beautiful and healthy.

For more variety, you can easily tie on other materials, such as cotton and leather, to give your bird more textures and materials to play with. The Large Sisal Rope Zig Zag Parrot Perch is an ideal addition to any bird’s cage, providing entertainment and promoting good health.


  • Diameter 2.75cm (1″)
  • Length 150cm (59“) (When stretched out fully)


  • Sisal, Plastic, Metal


  • Weight: 0.65 kg
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